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This Residences currently offers an excellent opportunity for those clients who would like to purchase real estate at the initial stage before the official market launch in order to choose the best units and get pre-launch prices! It is going to be great for anybody who chooses to stay at this residences and use it as an investment vehicle with great returns! Returns are available in the form of a 7% rental guarantee for 5 years.

Clients able to pay upfront will receive an additional 5% return on their investment per year, until the project is completed. Completion is approximately three years away. The other fantastic addition will be our entertainment mountain park called Neverland with astonishing 360 degree views over Kamala bay, beach and ocean adding many amazing activities and luxury spa. The park is something so unique to Phuket. This

entire area covers 11 rai and has something for everyone. The concept is centered around a hidden world. As you enter the park you are met by a water fall door that automatically opens up, allowing you to enter “ Neverland”. Once inside the park you have a variety of activities available such as golf course as well as interesting things do such as; tree houses, walking/running trails, outdoor movie theater, hanging tree swings, food courts,

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club house, hanging bridges, viewpoints, many more swimming pools, large outdoor spa and sky walk bridge. This really is something fantastic for the whole family, leaving guests entertained for hours on end. Such an addition will add considerable value to the units in the resort as well as the area of Kamala itself.

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Thailand is well know for its cuisine and its spiciness which Phuket has taken to heart utilizing Thailand's secret formula, comprising of five flavors: sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy. Leading to a luxurious food experience

combined with a divine atmosphere. Phuket holds not shortage of high end Restaurants with breath taking views and outstanding service leading towards an experience which can only be found here in Phuket.

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Phuket is an excellent location for family & loved ones, looking to explore Thailand's rich environment. With plenty of islands,reefs, viewpoints with furthermore to explore beyond the blue horizon. Those who wish for a peaceful journey towards white sand, clear skies surrounded by the

deep blue ocean with corals to explore or just laying down in your beach chair under the sun with a soft drink in your hand, enjoying the present moment.

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Phuket has become a popular destination for people from all around the world which probably does not come as a surprise, since there are over 30 beaches available around the island. While most beaches are all natural powder white, bordered by tropical blue water & lush greenery on the other.

some come witha little extra, High end Beach Clubs!Phuket's Beach club formula includes stylish modern restaurant & bar made out of a cocktail of modern interior/exteriormixed up with natural elements keeping the beauty of the beach intact, while adding an extra flavor.

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